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I work at my university's bookstore and every semester one of the professors teaches 'Fight Club' and it's so exciting to see boxes of it come in and rather disappointed to see people return their rented copied or sell them back. Once I returned a copy and the student wrote the synopsis of each chapter under the heading and I freaked out. My manager said it was in otherwise fine condition so we couldn't charge her but what spoilers. How do you feel about your work being taught ?
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That fact that ‘Fight Club’ is being taught seems — to me — to underscore the dearth of novels that explore male issues.  The past years have given us so many books, from ‘The Color Purple’ to ‘The Joy Luck Club’ to ‘How to Make an American Quilt,’ which depict women in groups and relationship, but almost no books depicting social models for men.  That’s my two cents worth.



Yeah, Chuckles, that’s the problem with American culture, not enough focus on male issues. When are we going to hear from the dudes? Particularly white American men!



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METAPHOR: Okay, I’m the blonde guy (Dolph Ziggler), the job interview I did last Tuesday is the Hispanic guy (Alberto Del Rio), and the championship is higher pay, good benefits, a better commute, and an overall improvement to quality of life.

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The full text of a spam email message that just arrived in my work email inbox


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The subject line was “The best stocktip.” Sure.

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Never give FTD any of your money

FTD: How can I help you?

Me: I ordered flowers for my wife on Valentine’s Day, and they were never delivered. I got an email saying they were, but they weren’t.

FTD: Let me check on that for you. *long, long pause* Yes, it says here your order was delivered at 12:47 pm on Friday.

Me: Sure. Except it wasn’t.

FTD: …

Me: …

FTD: …

Me: …So…?

FTD: Let me contact our florist and see what I can find out. *long, long, long hold* Okay, sir?

Me: Yes?

FTD: Okay, I spoke with our florist, and you’re right, the order was not delivered.

Me: Okay.

FTD: We’re sorry you didn’t receive an email telling you the order wasn’t delivered.

Me: …That’s actually not the problem.

FTD: …

Me: The problem is that the order wasn’t delivered.

FTD: Of course. And we’re sorry you didn’t get that email.

Me: …?

FTD: So what would you like us to do with the order?

Me: Well, why wasn’t it delivered? And why did I get an email saying it was?

FTD: I don’t know.

Me: You don’t know.

FTD: Would you like me to find out?


FTD: Just a moment. *longest of long holds* Okay, sir?

Me: Yes.

FTD: Okay, I don’t know.

Me: You don’t know why the order wasn’t delivered?

FTD: No.

Me: And you don’t know why I got an email saying it was when it wasn’t?

FTD: No.

Me: Your company took my money, lied to me, and you have no explanation?

FTD: No.

Me: …

FTD: What would like us to do with the order?

Me: SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS Just give me my money back.

FTD: Okay. You’ll get an email confirming your refund.

Me: Sure I will.

FTD: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: You didn’t help me with this.

I got an email saying I’ll get my refund. But then I’ll got an email saying my wife got her flowers. So.

Never give these clowns your money.

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Episode 074: Got Them Non-Linear Storytellin' Time Jumpin' Blues

We talk about “Because You Left,” “The Lie,” and “Jughead.” The fifth season is my favorite part of the show, because it’s when Lost finally dropped any last hope of reaching a mainstream blockbuster audience and went full crazy. Season five took up residence directly in my wheelhouse, with closed-loop time travel plots, non-linear storytelling (it starts with a flash-forward to thirty years earlier, just for reference), and some of the show’s most interesting character dynamics.

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Sometimes, when I watch an episode of The Daily Show on my DVR, it opens with the last thirty seconds of the episode of South Park that aired before it. Viewing the last thirty seconds of an episode of South Park, utterly devoid of context, is a master class in surrealism.

I think this will be the only way I’ll watch South Park from now on.

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